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Dimensional Stability of Single Jersey Fabrics of $LincLITE^{(R)}$ and Conventional Yarns. I.  

Park, Shin-Woong (Department of Textile Engineering, Inha University)
Collie, Stewart (Canesis Network Ltd., Christchurch, New Zealand)
Herath, C.N. (Department of Textile Engineering, Inha University)
Kang, Bok-Choon (Department of Textile Engineering, Inha University)
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Fibers and Polymers / v.7, no.4, 2006 , pp. 398-403 More about this Journal
Dimensional constants (k values) of single jersey fabrics made from $LincLITE^{(R)}$ and conventional yams are calculated under dry, steam, full relaxation treatments. Fabrics were made under different tightness factors such as high, medium and low with different twist factors, twist directions and feeder blending. $LincLITE^{(R)}$ yarns made to get soft and bulkier effects with yam count of 39 tex and conventional yams made into 39 tex and 48 tex yam counts. Various effects on K values are analysed using correlation coefficients. K-values are increased with relaxation progression and have shown some differences between in $LincLITE^{(R)}$ and conventional fabrics, and feeder blended fabrics. Loop shape factor is highly affected by tightness factor, relaxation and feeder blending in $LincLITE^{(R)}$ fabrics, whereas twist factor not significantly effects on loop shape factor in conventional fabrics. Stitch density significantly increases with relaxation in conventional fabrics and no significant effect shows with $LincLITE^{(R)}$ fabrics.
Dimensional stability; Dimensional constants; $LincLITE^{(R)}$; Conventional fabrics; Single jersey fabrics; K-values;
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