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Treatment of Hydrogen Fluoride Generated from the F-gases Decomposition Processes  

Park, Jun-Hyeong (Research Division for Industry & Environment, Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute)
Choi, Chang Yong (Sam Won Electric Power Co., Ltd.)
Kim, Tae-Hun (Research Division for Industry & Environment, Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute)
Shin, InHwan (Research Division for Industry & Environment, Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute)
Son, Youn-Suk (Research Division for Industry & Environment, Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute)
Publication Information
Asian Journal of Atmospheric Environment / v.10, no.4, 2016 , pp. 190-196 More about this Journal
The objective of this study is to obtain the optimal conditions to remove hydrogen fluoride (HF) generated from a variety of F-gas treatment processes. First, we selected $Ca(OH)_2$ and $CaCO_3$ as a reactant among the various alkali salts which have a high removal efficiency and a competitive price by forming a calcium fluoride precipitate. Additionally, various factors were investigated to improve the removal efficiency of HF. The conditions such as the settling time, agitating time and intensity, reaction temperature, and pH were considered as main factors. As a result, in the treatment process to remove HF through Ca-based alkali salts, the optimal conditions were a 120 min settling time, 30 min of agitation at 100 rpm, a pH of 4-8, and a reaction temperature of $40^{\circ}C$.
Hydrogen fluoride; Fluoride removal; Calcium hydroxide; Calcium precipitation; Alkali salts;
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