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SO2, NO2 and BTEX Concentrations in Educational and Industrial Areas: Field Measurements in Kuwait  

Al-Awadhi, Jasem M. (Kuwait University, Faculty of Science, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences)
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Asian Journal of Atmospheric Environment / v.10, no.4, 2016 , pp. 169-178 More about this Journal
Measurements of $SO_2$, $NO_2$ and benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylenes BTEX concentrations using passive tubes were carried out at five locations featuring educational and light industrial activities in south western Kuwait City during 2014. The five selected sites, chosen to be statistically representative of land use in the study area, were monitored to evaluate the impacts of traffic and light industrial activities on pollutant concentrations. The recorded mean concentrations of $NO_2$, $SO_2$ and BTEX were 40.3, 28.1 and $3.72{\mu}g/m^3$, respectively. The lowest concentrations were recorded in the educational area. Comparisons between the measured concentrations and the applicable air quality standards from the Kuwait Environment Public Authority showed that the gas concentrations were lower than the allowable limits.
passive tubes; standards; air quality; BTEX;
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