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Optimum Design of Volute Configuration in a Sirocco Fan using CFD and DOE  

Jung, Uk-Hee (Tea Sung ANST, Inc.)
Choi, Young-Seok (Thermal & Fluid System Team, Korea Institute of Industrial Technology)
Lee, Kyoung-Yong (Thermal & Fluid System Team, Korea Institute of Industrial Technology)
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International Journal of Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration / v.17, no.2, 2009 , pp. 68-73 More about this Journal
In this paper, a numerical study has been carried out to investigate the influence of volute geometries on the performance of a sirocco fan. In order to achieve an optimum volute design and explain the interactions between the different geometric configurations in the volute system, three-dimensional computational fluid dynamics and the 'design of experiment' method have been applied. Several geometric parameters, such as the volute expansion angle, the cut-off position and the bell mouth shape, are employed to improve efficiency and performance. $2^k$ factorial designs were performed to screen the most influential parameters and interactions, and showed that the cut-off position and the bell mouth shape are the most significant parameters. The optimum design was selected as a result of the response surface methodology, and effects of these parameters and their interactions were presented. From the results of computational analyses and experimental data, the performance and efficiency of the sirocco fan were successfully improved. Also, detailed effects of geometric variables of the volute system on the fan performance were discussed.
Optimum design; Volute; Sirocco fan; CFD(Computational Fluid Dynamics); DOE(Design of Experiment);
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