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Effect of Inlet Direction on the Refrigerant Distribution in an Aluminum Flat-Tube Heat Exchanger  

Kim, Nae-Hyun (Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Incheon)
Kim, Do-Young (Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Incheon)
Byun, Ho-Won (Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Incheon)
Choi, Yong-Min (Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Incheon)
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International Journal of Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration / v.16, no.4, 2008 , pp. 130-136 More about this Journal
The refrigerant R-134a flow distributions are experimentally studied for a round header/ten flat tube test section simulating a brazed aluminum heat exchanger. Three different inlet orientations(parallel, normal, vertical) were investigated. Tests were conducted with downward flow for the mass flux from 70 to 130 $kg/m^2s$ and quality from 0.2 to 0.6. In the test section, tubes were flush-mounted with no protrusion into the header. It is shown that normal and vertical inlet yielded approximately similar flow distribution. At high mass fluxes or high qualities, however, slightly better results were obtained for normal inlet configuration. The flow distribution was worst for the parallel inlet configuration. Possible explanation is provided based on flow visualization results.
Parallel flow heat exchanger; Header; Two-phase distribution; R-134a; Inlet direction;
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