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Performance Evaluation of Double-Tube Condenser using Smooth and Micro-Fin Tubes for Natural Mixture Refrigerant (Propane/Butane)  

Lee, Sang-Mu (Living Environment Systems Laboratory, Mitsubishi Electric Corp.)
Lee, Joo-Dong (Wire Rod Research Team, POSCO)
Koyama, Shigeru (Institute for Materials Chemistry and Engineering, Kyushu University)
Park, Byung-Duck (Department of Automotive Engineering, Sangju National University)
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International Journal of Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration / v.15, no.1, 2007 , pp. 25-33 More about this Journal
The investigation has been made into the prediction of heat exchange performance of a counter flow type double-tube condenser for natural refrigerant mixtures composed of Propane/n-Butane or Propane/i-Butane in a smooth tube and micro-fin tube. Under various heat transfer conditions, mass flux, pressure drop and heat transfer coefficient of the mixed refrigerants were calculated using a prediction method, when the length of condensing tube, total heat transfer rate, mass flux and outlet temperature of coolant were maintained constant. Also, the predicted results were compared with those of HCFC22. The results showed that the mixed refrigerants of Propane/n-Butane or Propane/i-Butane could be substituted for HCFC22, while the pressure drop and overall heat transfer coefficient of the refrigerants were evaluated together.
Natural mixture refrigerant; Propane/Butane; HCFC22; Condensation; Smooth tube; Micro-fin tube;
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