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Heat Transfer Correlation for the Forced Convective Flow on Single Circular Fin-tube Heat Exchanger  

Kang Hie-Chan (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Kunsan National University)
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International Journal of Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration / v.14, no.1, 2006 , pp. 14-18 More about this Journal
This study was performed to investigate the heat transfer characteristics of the circular fin-tube heat exchanger. This paper contains the experimental data for the seven kinds of fin geometries. The correlation of Stasiulevicius agreed with the experimental data at high Reynolds number, however not well at low Reynolds number. The Nusselt number was well correlated with Graetz number, and showed a transition near Gz=10. An empirical correlation proposed in the present study agreed well with the experimental data.
Heat transfer; Heat exchanger; Circular fin-tube; Performance; Empirical correlation;
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