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A Review on the Performance of Fin-and-Tube Heat Exchangers Under Frosting and Defrosting Conditions  

Kim, Yong-Chan (Department of Mechanical Engineering, Korea University)
Lee, Ho-Seong (Department of Mechanical Engineering, Korea University)
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International Journal of Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration / v.13, no.3, 2005 , pp. 152-157 More about this Journal
This paper reviews the literature on the performance of fin-and-tube heat exchangers under frosting and defrosting conditions. The effects of frosting and defrosting on the following parameters were discussed: frost growth, overall heat transfer coefficient, surface roughness, and surface characteristics on the heat exchanger. Comparisons of the experimental results and empirical correlations that were obtained from open literature were presented. In addition, a review of the defrosting methods was conducted.
Frost; Fin-and-tube heat exchanger; Defrost; Overall heat transfer coefficient;
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