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Effects of dietary supplementation of herbal active ingredients promoting insulin-like growth factor-1 secretion on production performance, egg quality, blood hematology, and excreta gas emission in laying hens  

Dang, De Xin (Department of Animal Resource and Science, Dankook University)
Chung, Yi Hyung (Jeonbuk Institute for Food-Bioindustry)
Kim, In Ho (Department of Animal Resource and Science, Dankook University)
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Animal Bioscience / v.34, no.11, 2021 , pp. 1802-1810 More about this Journal
Objective: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effects of supplementing herbal active ingredients (YGF251) which can promote the secretion of insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) in the diet on production performance, egg quality, blood hematology, and excreta gas emission in laying hens. Methods: A total of 288 ISA Brown (41-week-old) laying hens with an initial body weight of 1.83±0.68 kg were randomly assigned to 1 of 4 dietary treatments in a randomized block design based on body weight. Each treatment had 12 replicate cages having 6 adjacent cages per replicate (hens are kept in cages alone). The experimental period was 35 days. Dietary treatments were based on the corn-soybean meal-wheat-based basal diet and supplemented with 0.00%, 0.05%, 0.10%, or 0.15% YGF251. Results: There was a linear increased egg weight in weeks 1 to 5 (p<0.05), egg mass in week 1 (p<0.05) and weeks 1 to 5 (p<0.05), egg strength on day 7 (p<0.05), 21 (p<0.01), and 35 (p<0.01), eggshell thickness on day 21 (p<0.05) and 35 (p<0.01), haugh unit on day 21 (p<0.01) and 35 (p<0.05), serum IGF-1 concentration on day 21 (p<0.05) and 35 (p<0.01), and serum total protein concentration on day 35 (p<0.05) were observed with the supplementing YGF251 increased in the diet, while feed conversion ratio in weeks 1 to 5 (p<0.05) and excreta ammonia emission (p<0.01) decreased linearly with the dose of YGF251 increased. Conclusion: Dietary supplementation of YGF251 positively affected the production performance and egg quality of laying hens through increasing serum IGF-1 concentration in a dose-dependent manner. Moreover, YGF251 supplementation improved barn environment by reducing excreta noxious gas emission.
Egg Quality; Herbal Extract; Insulin-like Growth Factor-1; Laying Hen; YGF251;
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