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A comparative study of physical properties of $TiO_2$ thin films according to a coating method on orthodontic wires and brackets  

Koh, Eun-Hee (Department of Orthodontics, School of Dentistry, Chonnam National University)
Cho, Jin-Hyoung (Department of Orthodontics, Chonnam National University Hospital)
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The korean journal of orthodontics / v.36, no.6, 2006 , pp. 451-464 More about this Journal
The purpose of this study was to search for an appropriate method of coating $TiO_2$ on orthodontic appliances. $TiO_2$ thin films were deposited on orthodontic wires and brackets using sol-gel, CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) and PE-CVD (Plasma Enhanced-CVD) methods. The roughness of $TiO_2$-coated surfaces was investigated via scanning electron microscope (SEM) and adhesive strength of $TiO_2$ thin films was measured by adhesive tape pull test. Methylene blue degradation test was carried out to evaluate the photocatalytic activity of $TiO_2$ and the corrosion resistance of $TiO_2$ thin films against fluoride solution was also analyzed by observing the surfaces of $TiO_2$-coated wires and brackets via SEM after immersion in sodium fluoride solution. Through the comparison of properties and photocatalytic activity of $TiO_2$ thin films according to the coating methods, the following results were obtained. Smoother surfaces of $TiO_2$ thin films were generated by CVD or PE-CVD methods than through the sol-gel method or the control. Adhesive strength of the $TiO_2$ thin films was highest in PE-CVD and gradually became lower in the order of CVD, then the sol-gel method. Photocatalytic activity of $TiO_2$ thin films on methylene blue was the highest in PE-CVD and gradually became lower in the order of CVD, then the sol-gel method. Corrosion resistance of $TiO_2$ thin films against fluoride solution was stronger in CVD and PE-CVD methods than in the sol-gel method. The results of this study suggest that the CVD or PE-CVD methods is more appropriate than the sol-gel method for $TiO_2$ coating on orthodontic wires and brackets.
$TiO_2$; Coating method; CVD; PE-CVD;
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