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The Effect of Storycrafting Program on Mathematical Creativity and Communication  

Lee, Hyewon (서울송천초등학교)
Chang, Hyewon (서울교육대학교)
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Journal of Elementary Mathematics Education in Korea / v.20, no.4, 2016 , pp. 677-694 More about this Journal
Storycrafting is a creative educational technique in Finland. Since 2011, storytelling approach of mathematics textbooks in South Korea can be regarded as opportunities for interesting learning of mathematics as well as its improper application to mathematics lessons. We need to revise and improve the storytelling method. The purpose of this study is to make a storycrafting program that encourages students to make mathematical stories for themselves and to analyze the effect of the storycrafting program on mathematical creativity and communication. To do so, we developed a storycrafting program of mathematics for sixth graders, which is composed of 33 lessons. And we applied them to one sixth class as experimental group. Through pre-test and post-test, their mathematical creativity and communication were tested. Based on the result of t-test, we can verify the statistical meaningful effect of the storycrafting program. This study contains some conclusions and suggestions.
Storycrafting Program; Mathematical Creativity; Mathematical Communication;
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