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A Behavioral Study of Cyworld Mini Homepage Users' Fashion Consciousness and Their Online Clothing Purchase Patterns in Relation to the Level of Self-disclosure  

Kim, Yeon-Ji (Graduate School of Art Fusion Design, Kyung Hee University)
Kim, Chil-Soon (Dept. of Textile and Clothing Design, Kyung Hee University)
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The Research Journal of the Costume Culture / v.18, no.5, 2010 , pp. 991-1002 More about this Journal
Nowadays, personal media is a new tool for communication as digital cameras and mobile phones are developing rapidly. We are concerned over Cyworld users who could have different personal characteristics which will influence on buying patterns in on line shopping behaviors. The purpose of this research was to observe fashion attitudes and purchase behavior of Cyworld mini homepage users, for establishing marketing strategies by understanding consumers. For this study, one line survey was used for 500 male and female subjects who are 20 to 40 years old. Only reliable 441 questionnaires were used for analysis. The SPSS program was used for frequency, K-means cluster, t test, and chi-square test. A total of 441 respondents were clustered on the basis of 8 item self-disclosure scale, using the K-means procedures. The results indicated that respondents were clustered into two segments; 267 respondents(active attitude towards self-disclosure) and 164 ones(not active). We examined fashion attitudes in mini home page and buying behavior by self-disclosed variable. Those who are involved actively in self expression and self-disclosure considered more fashion style and trend. The major motivates of web surfing was finding a good design, and good price. High self-disclosure group tends to search many shopping mall for right design and low self disclosure group tends to search them for the right price. High self-disclosure group tend to shop the fashion products more, while low self disclosure group tend to purchase books more through the internet. We realized that active group in self-disclosure purchased their clothing accidently when they visit Cyworld.
self-disclosure; Cyworld mini homepage user; purchase behavior;
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