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Analysis on Vibration Characteristic of Tooling Unit on Precision Automatic Lathe  

Joo, KangWo (KOREATECH School of Mechatronics Engineering)
Lee, YunChul (KOREATECH School of Mechatronics Engineering)
Lee, Young-Sik (Daesung Hi-Tech co., Ltd.)
Son, Jung-Jong (Daesung Hi-Tech co., Ltd.)
Lee, Jae-Kwan (Daesung Hi-Tech co., Ltd.)
Kim, Kwang sun (KOREATECH School of Mechatronics Engineering)
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Journal of the Semiconductor & Display Technology / v.15, no.1, 2016 , pp. 36-40 More about this Journal
This paper is about the analysis on the vibration characteristic of tooling units on the precision automatic lathe. The vibration characteristic of the machine tool is emphasized in accordance with the high precision of the various industries Including the various semiconductor devices and components sector. In this paper, the vibration analysis was performed in designed tooling units of precision automatic lathe. Through the analysis, it is calculated that the frequency of distribution in certain areas by review the resonant frequency and the amount of deformation. And designed model was verified to be a stable structure.
CAE; Modal Analysis; Automatic Lathe;
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