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Lane Detection and Tracking Algorithm for 3D Fluorescence Image Analysis  

Lee, Bok Ju (Korea University of Technology and Education, School of Computer Science and Engineering)
Moon, Hyuck (Korea University of Technology and Education, School of Computer Science and Engineering)
Choi, Young Kyu (Korea University of Technology and Education, School of Computer Science and Engineering)
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Journal of the Semiconductor & Display Technology / v.15, no.1, 2016 , pp. 27-32 More about this Journal
A new lane detection algorithm is proposed for the analysis of DNA fingerprints from a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) gel electrophoresis image. Although several research results have been previously reported, it is still challenging to extract lanes precisely from images having abrupt background brightness difference and bent lanes. We propose an edge based algorithm for calculating the average lane width and lane cycle. Our method adopts sub-pixel algorithm for extracting rising-edges and falling edges precisely and estimates the lane width and cycle by using k-means clustering algorithm. To handle the curved lanes, we partition the gel image into small portions, and track the lane centers in each partitioned image. 32 gel images including 534 lanes are used to evaluate the performance of our method. Experimental results show that our method is robust to images having background difference and bent lanes without any preprocessing.
lane detection; lane tracking; 3D Fluorescence image; PCR gel electrophoresis image; k-means algorithm; projection profile; sub-pixel algorithm;
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