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An Analysis of a Thermo-plastic Melt Flow in the Metering Zone of a Polymer Extruder  

Choi, Man Sung (School of Mechatronics Engineering, Korea University of Technology and Education)
Kim, Kwang Sun (School of Mechatronics Engineering, Korea University of Technology and Education)
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Journal of the Semiconductor & Display Technology / v.11, no.4, 2012 , pp. 7-12 More about this Journal
Extrusion is one of the most important operations in the polymer-processing industry. Development of models for extrusion and computer tools offer a route to developing reliable and optimized process designs. The models are based on the analysis of physical phenomena encountered during the process. Balance equations for mass, momentum and energy are fundamental to the problem. A predictive computer model has been developed for the single screw extruders with conventional screws of different geometry. The model takes into account melting zones of the extruder and describes an operation of the extruder system, making it possible to predict mass flow rate of the polymer, pressure and velocity profiles along the extruder screw channel. The simulation parameters are the material and rheological properties of the polymer; the screw pitch, and screw speed.
Polymer extrusion; Metering zone; Flow analysis;
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