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Analysis of Cross-Section Shape Slope of Pillar for Vacuum Glazing according to the Screen Printing Parameters  

Kim, Jae Kyung (Graduate School of Mechanical Engineering, Kongju National University)
Jeon, Euy Sik (Graduate School of Mechanical Engineering, Kongju National University)
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Journal of the Semiconductor & Display Technology / v.11, no.4, 2012 , pp. 43-48 More about this Journal
The screen printing method is much used in the flat panel display field including the LCD, PDP, FED, organic EL, and etc. for forming the high precision micro-pattern. Also A number of studies of screen printing method has been conducted as the method for the cost down through the improvement of productivity. Because of being the dot printing method of the cylindrical shape not being the line printing method like the existing PDP barrier rib and phosphor, the pillar arrays using the screen printing method is deposited in the hemispherical type not being cylindrical shape in the existing printing process conditions. In this paper, the parameters were set on the screen printing device in order to deposit the cross-sectional shape with the cone or trapezoid shape of the pillar in depositing the pillars used the screen printing device for vacuum glazing. The cross-sectional shape slope of the pillar according to the parameters was measured. And analysis the effect of the screen printing process conditions on the cross-sectional shape slope of pillars based upon the result of being measured. The processing conditions were drawn to minimize the cross-sectional shape slope of pillar.
Pillar; Design of experiments; Vacuum Glazing; Cone shape of pillar; Screen printing;
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