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Properties of the Amorphous Silicon Microbolometer using PECVD  

Kang, Tai Young (Department of Electrical Engineering, Gachon University)
Kim, Kyung Hwan (Department of Electrical Engineering, Gachon University)
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Journal of the Semiconductor & Display Technology / v.11, no.4, 2012 , pp. 19-23 More about this Journal
We report microbolometer characteristic with n-type and p-type amorphous silicon thin film. The n-type and p-type amorphous silicon thin films were made by PECVD. The electrical properties of n-type and p-type a-Si:H thin films were investigated as a function of doping gas flow rate. The doping gas used $B_2H_6/Ar$ (1:9) and $PH_3/Ar$ (1:9). In general, the conductivity of doping a-Si:H thin films increased as doping gas increase but the conductivity of a-Si:H thin films decreased as the doping gas increase because doping gas concentration increase led to dilution gas (Ar) increase as the same time. We fabricated an amorphous silicon microbolometer using surface micromachining technology. The fabricated microbolometer had a negative TCR of 2.3%. The p-type microbolometer had responsivity of $5{\times}10^4V/W$ and high detectivity of $3{\times}10^8cm(Hz)^{1/2}/W$. The p-type microbolometer had more detectivity than n-type for less noise value.
Amorphous silicon; PECVD; Microbolometer; Infrared; Uncooled IR Detector; TCR; Detectivity;
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