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Improvement of Polarization Maintenance Property of Scattering Polarizer Film for Double-Screen 3D Projection Display Screen Applications Via Surface Oxide Deposition  

Kim, Dae-Yeon (School of Electronic, Information and Communication Engineering, Hong-Ik University)
Seo, Jong-Wook (School of Electronic, Information and Communication Engineering, Hong-Ik University)
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Journal of the Semiconductor & Display Technology / v.11, no.4, 2012 , pp. 1-6 More about this Journal
Keeping the polarization direction of the projection light unchanged is of crucial importance for high quality of images on a double-screen 3D projection display system. It has been found that the deposition of oxide layers on the surfaces of scattering polarizer film results in an improvement of polarization maintenance property of the film. The secondary image formed on the front screen by the light scattered from the rear screen decreases by 30% through the application of oxide layers on both surfaces of the screen. Since the oxide layer can also be used as an anti-reflection (AR) coating of the film, this method is very effective for the projection display applications.
Double-Screen; 3D Display; Oxide Deposition; Polarization Maintenance;
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