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Implementation of the FAT32 File System using PLC and CF Memory  

Kim, Myeong Kyun (Electronic Engineering of CheongJu University)
Yang, Oh (Semiconductor Engineering of CheongJu University)
Chung, Won Sup (Semiconductor Engineering of CheongJu University)
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Journal of the Semiconductor & Display Technology / v.11, no.2, 2012 , pp. 85-91 More about this Journal
In this paper, the large data processing and suitable FAT32 file system for industrial system using a PLC and CF memory was implemented. Most of PLC can't save the large data in user data memory. So it's required to the external devices of CF memory or NAND flash memory. The CF memory is used in order to save the large data of PLC system. The file system using the CF memory is NTFS, FAT, and FAT32 system to configure in various ways. Typically, the file system which is widely used in industrial data storage has been implemented as modified FAT32. The conventional FAT 32 file system was not possible for multiple writing and high speed data accessing. The proposed file system was implemented by the large data processing module can be handled that the files are copied at the 40 bytes for 1msec speed logging and creating 8 files at the same time. In a sudden power failure, high reliability was obtained that the problem was solved using a power fail monitor and the non-volatile random-access memory (NVSRAM). The implemented large data processing system was applied the modified file system as FAT32 and the good performance and high reliability was showed.
PLC; File System; FAT32; NAND Flash; NVSRAM; Power ON/OFF;
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