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An Inspection System for Multilayer Co-Extrusion Blown Plastic Film Line  

Hahn, Jong Woo (Korea University of Technology and Education, School of Computer Science and Engineering)
Mahmood, Muhammad Tariq (Korea University of Technology and Education, School of Computer Science and Engineering)
Choi, Young Kyu (Korea University of Technology and Education, School of Computer Science and Engineering)
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Journal of the Semiconductor & Display Technology / v.11, no.2, 2012 , pp. 45-51 More about this Journal
Multilayer co-extrusion blown film construction is a popular technique for producing plastic films for various packaging industries. Automated detection of defective films can improve the quality of film production process. In this paper, we propose a film inspection system that can detect and classify film defects robustly. In our system, first, film images are acquired through a high speed line-scan camera under an appropriate lighting system. In order to detect and classify film defects, an inspection algorithm is developed. The algorithm divides the typical film defects into two groups: intensity-based and texture-based. Intensity-based defects are classified based on geometric features. Whereas, to classify texture-based defects, a texture analysis technique based on local binary pattern (LBP) is adopted. Experimental results revealed that our film inspection system is effective in detecting and classifying defects for the multilayer co-extrusion blown film construction line.
Multilayer Co-extrusion Blown Plastic Film; Inspection System; Film Defects; Defect Detection and Classification; Local Binary Pattern;
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