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The Conduction Properties of Epoxy Resin Composition According to the Content Change of Spherical Hollow Type Silver  

Kim, Whan Gun (Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Seokyeong University)
Lim, Ryun Woo (Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Seokyeong University)
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Journal of the Semiconductor & Display Technology / v.11, no.2, 2012 , pp. 23-26 More about this Journal
The monodispersed polystyrene spheres were prepared by emulsion polymerization in aqueous alcohol system. They coated with silver by reduction of silver ion percolated on the surface of them. The spherical hollow type silver has been prepared by dissolving polystyrene with toluene. Epoxy resin compositions with spherical hollow type silver were manufactured, which were composed of a bisphenol F type epoxy resin (RE-304S), amine type hardener (Kayahard AA), and 1-benzyl 2-methyl imidazole (1B2MI) as catalyst. The electrical conductivity with silver content ratio were investigated after cure, the percolation threshold weight ratio for conductance in this epoxy resin system was obtained above the 70 wt% of silver.
Epoxy; Hollow Type Silver; Conduction;
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