A Survey on Actual Wearing Condition and Satisfaction of Functional Inner Winter Uniform for Male Soldiers in Korea

한국 남자 군인 기능성 방한복 내피 개발을 위한 실태 및 만족도 조사

  • Kim, Youn Joo (Dept. of Textile, Merchandising and Fashion Design, Seoul National University/R&D Department, Younjoo Co.,Ltd.) ;
  • Kim, Seonyoung (KATRi Size Korea Center/R&D Team, IRE Solution Co.,Ltd.)
  • 김연주 (서울대학교 의류학과/(주)연주 RnD전담부서) ;
  • 김선영 (KATRi 사이즈코리아센터/(주)이레솔루션 연구개발팀)
  • Received : 2022.06.22
  • Accepted : 2022.08.12
  • Published : 2022.10.31


Suitability for the human body, freedom to move and thermal insulation are important design considerations in military clothing. This study investigates the performance and wearer-satisfaction of the functional inner winter uniform currently used in Korea; it is hoped that our data can inform the development of a future version. Interviews were conducted, in which the participants suggested various improvements. The uniforms were mainly worn for guard duty or as daily attire in cold weather. The participants chose how many layers to wear according to the current situation, rather than sticking to the layering recommended in the manual. Layering choices did not significantly affect combat efficiency but were found to affect wearers' comfort. Wearers' satisfaction was found to depend on the convenience of the clothing, whether it was in the appropriate size, freedom to move and thermal insulation. Also, this study suggests a problem with the current size system, as the analysis of size distribution, across all sizes, the range of current production is insufficient to cover the demand.



본 연구는 국방부와 산업통상자원부에서 시행한 민·군 기술협력사업의 연구비를 지원받아 수행되었음.