Study on the Medical Information of OhjuYeonmunJangjeonSango

『오주연문장전산고(五洲衍文長箋散稿)』 소재 의학정보에 대한 연구

  • Received : 2015.11.09
  • Accepted : 2015.11.27
  • Published : 2015.11.30


The medical information of Lee-Kyukyeong has been considered as one of the cases delivering western medical knowledge, attracting public attention. The medical theories delivered from western countries were very unfamiliar and unique however he knew that e dissection information of East Asia was more detailed compared to the dissection theories of East Asia left in East Asia. And, he made a valuation of the East Asian traditional medical information related to human body in the book. However, the information that he left was mixed with medical books, many written statements and encyclopedias in fashion etc. and many information written by him delivers very unique legends with the confirmation of the information about the human body. Therefore, there are many cases that these information are hard to be discussed at the same level and there are wrong information in therms of 'Fact' and introductions in terms of opposite contetns in the same article. This is originated from the advantages and limits that "OhjuYeonmunJangjeonSango" has, whose author tried to collect the knowledge as much as possible in the same frame under the identical topic. This is the example that shows the climate of the some intellectuals who made an example by accepting all kinds of information and making information of their own. This intelligent climate clearly shows the discordance between medical information suggested by Ohju and the medical reality that Ohju faced. In other words, there were latest information in "Ohju-Yeonmun-Jangjeon-Sango", but had to be sensitive in supply of medicines for Ohju who used to live in the backwoods. Therefore, the medical benefits that he could choose were single - medicine prescription that is closer to conventional medicine and experiential prescription and Yangsaengsoo which medical costs do not occur. These facts imply that the stories about the latest opinion that was in fashion to look at the medical reality in late Chosun Dynasty and detailed research on the daily life that one person faced should be accompanied.



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