Current status in calcium biofortification of crops

작물의 생합성 칼슘 함량 증대 연구 현황

  • Lee, Jeong-Yeo (Green Bio Research Center, Cabbage Genomics assisted breeding supporting Center, Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology (KRIBB)) ;
  • Nou, Ill-Sup (Department of Horticulture, Sunchon National University) ;
  • Kim, Hye-Ran (Green Bio Research Center, Cabbage Genomics assisted breeding supporting Center, Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology (KRIBB))
  • 이정여 (한국생명공학연구원 그린바이오연구센터) ;
  • 노일섭 (순천대학교 원예학과) ;
  • 김혜란 (한국생명공학연구원 그린바이오연구센터)
  • Received : 2012.03.02
  • Accepted : 2012.03.12
  • Published : 2012.03.31


Calcium is an essential nutrient for living organisms, with key structural and signaling roles. Its deficiency in plants can result in poor biotic and abiotic stress tolerance as well as reduced crop quality and yield. Calcium deficiency in humans causes various diseases such as osteoporosis and rickets. Biofortification of calcium in various food crops has been suggested as an economic and environmentally advantageous method to enhance human intake of calcium. Recent efforts to increase the levels of calcium in food crops have used calcium/proton antiporters ($CAXs$) and modified one to increase calcium transport into vacuoles through genetic engineering. It has been reported that overall calcium content of transgenic plants has been increased in their edible portions with some adverse effects. In conclusion, biofortification of calcium will add more value in crops as well as will be beneficial for animal and human. Therefore, more fundamental studies on the mechanisms of calcium ion storage and transporting are essential for more effective calcium biofortification.



Supported by : 농림수산식품부


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