The Performance Analysis of Digital Watermarking based on Merging Techniques

  • Received : 2011.04.24
  • Accepted : 2011.08.02
  • Published : 2011.07.30


Even though algorithms for watermark embedding and extraction step are important issue for digital watermarking, watermark selection and post-processing can give us an opportunity to improve our algorithms and achieve higher performance. For this reason, we summarized the possibilities of improvements for digital watermarking by referring to the watermark merging techniques rather than embedding and extraction algorithms in this paper. We chose Cox's function as main embedding and extraction algorithm, and multiple barcode watermarks as a watermark. Each bit of the multiple copies of barcode watermark was embedded into a gray-scale image with Cox's embedding function. After extracting the numbers of watermark, we applied the watermark merging techniques; including the simple merging, N-step iterated merging, recover merging and combination of iterated-recover merging. Main consequence of our paper was the fact of finding out how multiple barcode watermarks and merging techniques can give us opportunities to improve the performance of algorithm.



Supported by : University of Ulsan


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