Micromachined Properties of a polyimide by a femtosecond laser

펨토초 레이저에 의한 폴리이마이드 가공 특성

  • Published : 2008.06.30


Polyimide is one of the useful materials in industry. The surface treatment of polyimide by a femtosecond laser can help accurate and fine fabrication of microstructure. And it can change the transmittance and reflectance of polyimide, too. We put femtosecond laser pulses on polyimide for rectangular or square type surface treaments and observe the change of transmittance and reflectance. Pulsewidth is 172 fs, laser power changes for fabrication are from 5 mW to 20 mW, and transmittance and reflectance are measured under 20m W, 300m W, and 920 mW. Pulse patterning is stable and almost no unwanted surface damage is shown. As power increases, working depth increases but working line width does not increase significantly. As speed changes, they also have same results. It shows the efficiency of a femtosecond laser is good and thermal damage is small for polyimide.