Pauses Characteristics in Slowed Speech of Treated Stutterer

치료 받은 말더듬 성인의 느린 구어에서 나타나는 휴지 특성

  • 전희숙 (남부대학교 언어치료청각학과)
  • Published : 2008.12.30


In the process of speech therapy, fluency is acquired and speech rate increases in the process when the behavioral modification strategy, inducing speech fluency by making speech rate slower intentionally in an early stage, is applied. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to investigate the pause characteristics in slowed speech intentionally of treated stutterer. In this study, 10 developmental stutterers who had well established fluency in speech were involved. We had collected each 200 syllables sample of intentionally much slowed speech and a little slowed one in reading task. To measure the features of pause, total frequency of pauses, total durations of pauses, average duration of pauses and proportions of pause were investigated. The findings were as follows: Both the total durations and total frequency of pauses of much slowed speech were higher than that of a little slowed one. However, both the average duration and proportions of pauses of much slowed speech were not significantly higher than that of a little slowed one.