A Study on Effective Leadership of ROK Overseas Forces.

한국군 해외파병의 효율적 리더십에 대한 연구

  • 이재윤 (육군사관학교 인문사회처 심리학)
  • Published : 2006.12.30


The kinds of traits and behaviors studied most frequently in the early leadership research included physical characteristics, personalities, abilities, skills, behaviors and so forth. Researchers who studied leadership emphasized the important role of cultural, counter-insurgent, stability operational and clinical leadership traits and behaviors to perform the special mission of Overseas Forces The purpose of this study was to examine effective leadership traits, behaviors and skills for special mission of ROK Overseas Forces and to find out the differences on leadership traits, skills and behaviors among officers, noncommissioned officers(NCO) and enlisted men of the army. In order to achieve this purpose, a number of literature reviews and survey researches were conducted. The data for the analysis were collected through the questionnaire which consisted of 94leadership traits, skills and behaviors items Subjects were composed of 43 officers, 144 NCOs and 109 enlisted men Although the ranking order of leadership traits, skills and behaviors items among the groups for each analysis did not show much difference, the results of one-way analysis of variance revealed that a few items had a significant statistical difference among the groups. Implications of comparative results were also discussed in this study. In conclusion, this study would be useful basis for further improvement on effective leadership traits, skills and behaviors of ROK Overseas Forces, and some further researches were recommended.