Civil-Military Relations and Military Leadership

민군관계와 국방리더십의 발전방향

  • Published : 2006.12.30


Now it is not useful the theory about civil-military relationship that have been analysed for power games between military and civilians Korean society is going on governance society managed by cooperating network of government, civilian society and business market These social change require for new context about civil-Military relationship. Military leadership must contribute desirable civil-military relationship This study will suggest the direction about military leadership for desirable civil-military relationship. Now political issues about military intervention to the government are almost settled, but the worry about complications between military and civilians exist in the part of low issues like policy-making. Another important issues is military leadership about the style of social-being. In recent years, social change is very complex and speedy like global networking and diversity, leadership environment also, changed like leadership paradigm shift. Military leadership must be examined from the principle to the context of social integration At the present age, individual soldier is citizen in uniformed. Also military leadership must to seek the principle in the citizen mind like citizenship. Another charactristics of present day military is influence of high technogy. For the high-tech war military need the transition about science and technology from the whole society. In the context of above the development of military leadership are suggested as follows. First, the development of military control leadership must besought to the context of cooperation between government and military. Government must provide the system to strengthen military professionals in the process of policy-making about national security Second, military leadership must embody the important social values through the advanced military making, Third, military leadership must provide the adaptability to the society through the military education of their soldiers Forth, military leadership must be contributed to the social integration and to the growing up individual soldiers like their socialization and their achievement. Five, an important subject of military leadership is the creation of desirable military culture through the harmony of social culture and military culture.