Life and Studies of Mongsoo Lee Heon gil

몽수 이헌길(李獻吉)의 생애와 학술 계통

  • Published : 2006.09.30


Lee Heon gil (a.k.a. Mongsoo), who was the pioneer of measles treatment in the 18th century, is the 14th generation of the Deokcheongun branch of the Lee family from Jeonju, living from August 25, 1738 (14th year of King Yeongjo) to April 29, 1784 (8th year of King Jeongjo). Under his teacher Lee Cheol hwan, the eldest grandson of Lee Yik, he learned medicine and studied it deeply. His medical service was most remarkable when measles was prevalent in 1775 (51st year of King Yeongjo) at his age of 38. It seems that he wrote books on measles based on his experiences at that time. Lee Heon gil's academic background can be inferred from his relation with Lee Cheol hwan and Jeong Yak yong. Associating with Lee Cheol hwan, he established close relationships with many scholars including the Lee family from Yeoju, who were the descendents of Seongho Lee Yik, and through this fellowship he was influenced directly and indirectly by Seongho Lee Yik. In addition, he maintained close contact with Jeong Yak yong while treating him several times. As Jeong Yak yong was also in close academic association with scholars in the Seongho School and Lee Yik's pupils, he had a philosophical consensus with Lee Heon gil. These academic backgrounds show that the philosophical flow of the Seongho School from Seongho Lee Yik to Jeong Yak yong also reached Lee Heongil.