Solvent Extractions of Alkali Metal Cations and Alkaline Earth Cations by Ionizable Crown Ether Phosphonic Acids

이온성 크라운에테르 포스포닉산에 의한 알칼리 금속 양이온과 알칼리 토금속 양이온의 용매추출

  • Chung, Yeong-Jin (School of Fire & Disaster Prevention, Samcheok National University)
  • 정연진 (삼척대학교 소방방재학부)
  • Published : 2005.03.31


A comparison of alkali metal cation and alkaline earth cation solvent extraction was made for three additional monoionizable crown ethers and one diionizable crown ether. sym-(n-Octyldibenzo)-16-crown-5-oxyacetic acid $\underline{1}$ exhibited high efficiency and selecvity in solvent extraction of alkali metal cations with respect to that observed with alkaline earth cations. Sizes of $Na^+$ and $Ca^{2+}$ appropriately match with the cavity size of monoethyl sym-bis[4(5)-tert-butylbenzo]-16-crown-5-oxymethylphosphonic acid $\underline{3}$. As the result, $Na^+$ and $Ca^{2+}$ are the best extracted. sym-(n-Octyldibenzo)-16-crown-5-oxymethyldiphosphonic acid $\underline{4}$was found to be somewhat selective for $Na^+$ over $Li^+$ and other alkaline earth metal cations. In the complexation of alklaine earth cations by crown ether diphosphonic acid $\underline{4}$, $Ca^{2+}$ and $Sr^{2+}$ are the appropriate sizes, but lager $Ba^{2+}$ may be due to favorable formation of a sandwich type complex between the crown ether cavity and the dianion of the deprotonated crown ether phoaphonic acid moiety.



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