Clausewitz’s theory of war and peace

클라우제비츠의 전쟁이론과 평화이론

  • 김만수 (대전대학교 군사연구원)
  • Published : 2004.12.15


Clausewitz’s theory of war can be divided between the theory of conduct of war and the theory of preparations for war, and the theory of war that Clausewitz means, is the theory of conduct of war. But before Clausewitz, men regarded a theory of preparations for war as the theory of war. The theory of preparations for war concerns generally about the material side of war, but not its spiritual aspect. The activity of war is basically a human spiritual and psychological action. And because the war is dangerous, the anxiety occurs and diverse human feelings, for example courage, have been required. Also the informations in war is normally very uncertain, so an insight of the commander is in war very needed. The Theory of war has to consider this spiritual aspect. To end the war and to acquire the peace, an excellent talent of commander is necessary. And it is a genius. Men who are difficult to move but have strong feelings, these are the men who are best able to be a genius.