Research into academic journal of oriental medicine in the era of Japanese imperialism

일제시대 한의학술잡지 연구

  • 정지훈 (경희대학교 의사학교실)
  • Published : 2001.12.31


There were six academic journals on oriental medicine, published in the era of Japanese imperialism(1910-1945). Six academic journals are "Han bang eui yak kyei 漢方醫藥界", "Dong eui bo gam 東醫報鑑", "Dong seo eui hak bo 東西醫學報", "Cho sun eui hak kyei 朝鮮醫學界", "Dong seo eui hak yeon ku hoi wol bo 東西醫學硏究會月報", "Dong yang eui yak 東洋醫藥". These journals were published 33rd volume with sequence. Research into these journals has derived the conclusion that the academic trend at the time were, firstly, the interaction between western and eastern medicine, secondly, researches on "Nai Kyung 內經", "Sang Han Ron 傷寒論" and finally, promotion of development of oriental medicine by looking at the advantages of western medicine.