A Study of Yi cheon's Medical Ideology and Research System

이천 의학사상(醫學思想)의 학술계통(學術系統) 및 특징(特徵)에 대한 연구(硏究)

  • 차웅석 (경희대학교 의사학교실)
  • Published : 2001.12.31


In this essay, following final conclusions have been drawn by analyzing medical ideology and research system of Yi cheon in Yi hak yip mun("醫學入門"). Firstly, even though the existing medical history researchers are not noting the system of Yi-cheon's medical ideology, this essay has proved the man as a doctor who succeeded the (main system) based on the content of Yi-hak-yip-mun("醫學入門") by Ju-Dan-Gae(朱丹溪). The outline of this proof is as follows. 1. Those doctors who had actively researched in Myung era(明代), were basically taking over the medical studies and result of Gum-Won era(金元代). However, depending on whose theory is to be followed, the followers are largely divided into two groups of Ju-Dan-Gae Academics(丹溪學派) and On-Boe Academics(溫補學派). In addition, both Ju-Dan-Gae Academics(丹溪學派) and On-Boe Academics(溫補學派) hold contradictory ideologies to that of the main medical system. In Yi-hak-yip-mun("醫學入門"), Yi-cheon(李?) ties The Text of Whang-Jae-Nae-Kyung("黃帝內經"), Jang-Jung-Kyung(張仲景), Yu-Ha-Gun(劉河間), Yi-Dong-Won(李東垣), Ju-Dan-Gae(朱丹溪) into one pedigree. With regard to the main system, he especially marks Ju-Dan-Gae(朱丹溪) for his efforts in gathering various medical theories into a large compilement. 2. When Yi-Cheon(李?) was writing Yi-Hak-Yip-Mun("醫學入門"), he made references to various medical publishings, among those book which he had utilized, books by Ju-Dan-Gae Academics(丹溪學派) had affected him more than anything else in terms of both quality and quantity. 3. Yi-Cheon(李?)'s "Congested Phlegm Theory(痰鬱論)" had succeeded "Congested Phlegm Theory(痰鬱論) of Ju-Dan-Gae Academics(丹溪學派). His Yi-Hak-Yip-Mun("醫學入門"), carries a more complete form of "Congested Phlegm Theroy(痰鬱論) which was made into a more systemic and widely applicable method which was by Ju-Dan-Gae Academics(丹溪學派). Secondly, Yi-Hak-Yip-Mun("醫學入門"), is a medical book which was written in the process of systemic reorganization of medical theories of various academic parties in Myung 명 era. Since this process was hearing its completion in the period of Yi-Cheon(李?), he chose specific ways of reshuffling, whilst seeking ways to efficiently utilizing existing medical information . He provided a standard to specific ways. He rearranged the existing medical theories based upon these standards. He also contributed to clinical medicine by providing description of symptoms focused upon the symptoms differentiated In Conclusion, Yi-Hak-Yip-Mun("醫學入門") holds systematic medical information which was developed by Ju-Dan-Gae Academics(丹溪學派). Also, Yi-Cheon(李?) uniformly classified the clinical experiences of existing Ju-Dan-Gae Academics(丹溪學派). He had contributed in the clinical use of Ju-Dan-Gae Academic(丹溪學派)'s clinical experience by providing main points from differentiation of symptoms.