Variation of Beach Processes and Harbor Sedimentation in an Area of Large Tide

조석이 큰 해역에서의 해안과정과 항만퇴적의 변화

  • 신승호 (큐슈대학대학원 공학연구원 연안역환경학강좌) ;
  • 이중우 (한국해양대학교 토목환경공학부)
  • Published : 2001.03.01


In the past, the predictions of beach processes and harbor sedimentation were mainly relied on the hydraulic model tests and empirical methods. In recent years, however, as computers have come into wide use, more accurate models have gradually been developed and thus replaced those conventional methods. For prediction of topographical change near the coastal area, we need informations of wave and current conditions in the numerical model which should be calculated in advance. Numerical model introduced in this study combines wave refraction-diffraction, breaking, bottom friction, lateral mixing, and critical shear stress and three sub-models for simulating waves, currents, and bottom change were briefly discussed. Simulations of beach processes and harbor sedimentation were also described at the coast neighboring Bangpo Harbor, Anmyundo, Chungnam, where the area has suffered accumulation of drifting sand in a small fishing harbor with a wide tidal range. We also made model test for the new layout of the harbor and planned south breakwater for preventing intrusion of sand. Although the model study gave reasonable description of beach processes and harbor sedimentation mechanism, it is necessary to collect lots of field observation data, including waves, tides and bottom materials, etc. for better prediction.



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