• Published : 2001.04.01


Issues and problems in formulating South Korea's water resources policy are discussed in terms of water quantity and quality. South Korean needs both water conservation and water supply capability for the growing population and economic activities. The government has attempted to build more large-scale dams to store and supply water for residential, farming and industrial uses, but the environmentalists who emphasize conservation and environmental protection oppose the government. The environmentalists are popular among the general public. Water quality has been deteriorating from point- ad non-point sources. urban and farm runoffs are serious pollutants. All want by preserve water quality. There is no dispute on this matter between the government and the environmentalists. Money is hard to come by to preserve water quality. Economic and financial crises and no self-sufficient local governments' revenue structure are pessimistic. Basic survey on water resources, hydrology and hydraulic is badly needed for the future water resources planning.



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