• Yoo, Chul-sang (Department of Environmental Engineering, Korea University)
  • Published : 2001.01.01


The variation of sampling errors was characterized using the Waymire-Gupta-Rodriguez-Iturbe multi-dimensional rainfall model(WGR model). The parameters used for this study are those derived by Jung et al. (2000) for the Han River Basin using a genetic algorithm technique. The sampling error problems considered are those for using raingauge network, satellite observation and also for both combined. The characterization of sampling errors was done for each month and also for the downstream plain area and the upstream mountain area, separately. As results of the study we conclude: (1) The pattern of sampling errors estimated are obviously different from the seasonal pattern of monthly rainfall amounts. This result may be understood from the fact that the sampling error is estimated not simply by considering the rainfall amounts, but by considering all the mechanisms controlling the rainfall propagation along with its generation and decay. As the major mechanism of moisture source to the Korean Peninsula is obviously different each month, it seems rather normal to provide different pattern of sampling errors from that of monthly rainfall amounts. (2) The sampling errors estimated for the upstream mountain area is about twice higher than those for the down stream plain area. It is believed to be because of the higher variability of rainfall in the upstream mountain arean than in the down stream plain area.



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