Experimental Study on Turbulent Burning Velocities of Two-Component Fuel Mixtures of Methane, Propane and Hydrogen

  • Published : 2001.12.31


In order to elucidate the turbulent burning velocity of the two-component fuel mixtures, the lean and rich two-component fuel mixtures, where methane, propane and hydrogen were used as fuels, were prepared keeping the laminar burning velocity nearly the same value. Clear difference in the measured turbulent burning velocity at the same turbulence intensity can be seen among the two-component fuel mixtures with different addition rate of fuel, even under nearly the same laminar burning velocity. The burning velocities of lean mixtures change almost monotonously as changing addition rate, those of rich mixtures, however, do not show such a monotony. These phenomena can be explained qualitatively from the local burning velocities, estimated by considering the preferential diffusion effect for each fuel component. In addition, a prediction expression of turbulent burning velocity proposed for the one-component fuel mixtures can be applied to the two-component fuel mixtures by using the estimated local burning velocity of each fuel mixture.