A Study on Systematizing Contents of Sex Education in Elementary School

초등학교 성교육 내용체계에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2000.06.10


The purpose of this study was to be of use for the preparation of more desirable sex education system at elementary school, by making content analysis of the current textbooks related to sex education and surveying what opinions the persons concerned had about it. The purpose of this study were as follows; Elementary school textbooks were analyzed to find out what kind of sex education was included in them. And questionnaires on how to improve school sex education content were prepared, by which 207 male and female teachers were surveyed in the city of Paju and Koyang, Kyonggi province. The conclusions were as follows; 1. Content Analysis of Textbook Sex Education The content related to sex education was relatively much included in textbooks of the right life, morality and physical education. Although morality was a subject to be instructed for the third-grade students or older, elementary school students virtually received sex education from the first grade, as the right life and the joyful life were a subject for the lower-grade students, and this met the goal of sex education or the need of the times. However, sex education content leaned heavily toward family, family life or parental love. There was no mutual complement among subjects, and no link among grades, either. 2. Teacher Opinion on Sex Education Content for Each Grade When the subjects were asked about if sex education content was appropriate for each grade, they answered 20 items should be more emphasized and 6 items might be left out. And there were 6 items regarded by them as one that should be rearranged in consideration of grade. 3. The Ideal Opinion of Sex Education Content The following model could be recommended for elementary school sex education, which was designed to meet the objectives of school sex education as much as possible and to offer a systematic link among grades, based on the findings by textbook analysis and Questionnaire survey, and on elementary school sex education materials recommended by the Ministry of Education: The content selected for the first grade of elementary school was my body, cleanness of genitals, male-female cooperation, and family cooperation. For the second grade, the selected content was male-female physical difference, male female psychological difference, parental and I(origin of a birth). For the third grade, the selected things were important a body(cleanness of genitals), birth of a life, and male-female comprehension and cooperation. For the fourth grade, the selected things were physical development, management of genitals, physiology and management of menstruation, propagation and growth of organism, concern for the other sex, comprehension of and cooperation with the other sex, and prevention of sexual violence. Four the fifth grade, the selected things were secondary sex characteristic, physiology and management of menstruation, operation for phimosis, understanding of seminal emission, structure and function of the genital organs, birth and growth of a baby, television/sex information, and mass communications/sex information. For the sixth grade, the selected things were secondary sex characteristic, understanding of seminal emission, male-female cooperation, male and female role, male-female manners, mass communications/sex information, family and family life. Finally, what should be taught in sex education must be studied constantly, as it should be revised or supplemented periodically, according to student's sexual maturity or social, cultural changes.