Parameters Comparison in the speaker Identification under the Noisy Environments

화자식별을 위한 파라미터의 잡음환경에서의 성능비교

  • 최홍섭 (대진대학교 이공대학 전자공학과)
  • Published : 2000.09.01


This paper seeks to compare the feature parameters used in speaker identification systems under noisy environments. The feature parameters compared are LP cepstrum (LPCC), Cepstral mean subtraction(CMS), Pole-filtered CMS(PFCMS), Adaptive component weighted cepstrum(ACW) and Postfilter cepstrum(PF). The GMM-based text independent speaker identification system is designed for this target. Some series of experiments show that the LPCC parameter is adequate for modelling the speaker in the matched environments between train and test stages. But in the mismatched training and testing conditions, modified parameters are preferable the LPCC. Especially CMS and PFCMS parameters are more effective for the microphone mismatching conditions while the ACW and PF parameters are good for more noisy mismatches.