• Park, Jae-Young (Education & Training Center, Korea Water Resources Corporation, Taejon) ;
  • Lee, Jae-Hyoung (Dept. of Civil Eng., Chonbuk National Univ., Jeonju)
  • Published : 2000.07.01


This physically-based hydrologic model is developed to calculate the soil-moisture balance on paddy fields. This model consists of three modules; the first is the unsaturated module, the second is the rice evapotranspiration module with SPAC(soil-plant-atmospheric-continuum), and the third is the groundwater and open channel flows based upon the interrehtionship module. The model simulates the hydrlogical processes of infiltration, soil water storage, deep perocolation or echarge to the shallow water table, transpiration and evaporation from the soil surface and also the interrelationship of the groundwater and river flow exchange. To verify the applicability of the developed model, it was applied to the Kimjae Plains, located in the center of the Dongjin river basin in Korea, during the most serious drought season of 1994. The result shows that the estimated water net requirement was 757mm and the water deficit was about 5.9% in this area in 1994. This model can easily evaluate the irrigated water quantity and visualize the common crop demands and soil moisture conditions.



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