• Published : 2000.07.01


A spectral formalism was applied to quantify the sampling errors due to spatial and/or temporal gaps in soil moisture measurements. The lack of temporal measurements of the two-dimensional soil moisture field makes it difficult to compute the spectra directly from observed records. Therefore, the space-time soil moisture spectra derived by stochastic models of rainfall and soil moisture was used in their record. Parameters for both models were tuned with Southern Great Plains Hydrology Experiment(SGP'97) data and the Oklahoma Mesonet data. The structure of soil moisture data is discrete in space and time. A design filter was developed to compute the sampling errors for discrete measurements in space and time. This filter has the advantage in its general form applicable for all kinds of sampling designs. Sampling errors of the soil moisture estimation during the SGP'97 Hydrology Experiment period were estimated. The sampling errors for various sampling designs such as satedlite over pass and point measurement ground probe were estimated under the climate condition between June and August 1997 and soil properties of the SGP'97 experimental area. The ground truth design was evaluated to 25km and 50km spatial gap and the temporal gap from zero to 5 days.



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