Effects of Purposeful Exercise Training Program on Symmetrical Posture in Persons with Hemiplegia

목적있는 운동훈련이 편마비 환자의 좌우 대칭적 서기자세에 미치는 영향

  • Kim, Myoung-Jin (Dept. of Physical Therapy, Sang Ji oriental Medicine Hospital)
  • 김명진 (상지대학교 한방병원 물리치료실)
  • Published : 1997.05.10


Asymmetrical posture during static stance has been identified as a common problem in persons with hemiplegia. This study examined the effect of a purposeful exercise training program on symmetrical weight bearing in three adult persons with hemiplegia. Multiple baseline design was used. The intervention program, including ball throwing and catching, rolling ball catching and throwing, and Swiss ball pulling and stopping was introduced for 15 minutes each day during each intervention phase. Quantitative measurement of the weight distribution was taken with the Limloader. Visual inspection and mean of data revealed a significant improvement in symmetrical weight distribution. This result suggests that a purposeful exercise training program can be effective in helping persons with hemiplegia achieve symmetric stances.