Parallels between Korean Verbs and Nouns in Subcategorization

한국어 동사와 명사사이의 하위범주화에 있어서의 평행성

  • Published : 1997.12.01


Nouns in the Korean language are subcategorized for various frames(called SUBCAT lists) in much the same way as verbs are. Assuming a monostratal grammar and building on analyses of various 'little elements' as clitics, such as the ones given by No(1991), Chae(1995,1996), and Oh(1991), I delineate the ranges of SUBCAT lists for the Korean verbs and nouns and show that the two word-classes have heavily overlapping frames. Twenty five SUBCAT lists are identified for verbs, and twenty four for nouns, of which twenty three find associated lexical items in both. By the way of justification, I offer analyses of noun--verb collocations in terms of the new five-valued syntactic feature COLLOC along with SUBCAT, which subsume 'light verb' constructions. It is hoped that this work will have given clear syntactic underpinnings to those who are concerned with practical lexicography.