Finite Element Analysis and Local a Posteriori Error Estimates for Problems of Flow through Porous Media

다공매체를 통과하는 유동문제의 유한요소해석과 부분해석후 오차계산

  • 이춘열 (영남대학교 기계공학부)
  • Published : 1997.01.01


A new a posteriori error estimator is introduced and applied to variational inequalities occurring in problems of flow through porous media. In order to construct element-wise a posteriori error estimates the global error is localized by a special mixed formulation in which continuity conditions at interfaces are treated as constraints. This approach leads to error indicators which provide rigorous upper bounds of the element errors. A discussion of a compatibility condition for the well-posedness of the local error analysis problem is given. Two numerical examples are solved to check the compatibility of the local problems and convergence of the effectivity index both in a local and a global sense with respect to local refinements.