On the Study of the Motion Response of a Vessel Moored in the Region Sheltered by Inclined Breakwaters

경사진 방파제에 계류된 선체 운동응답에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1992.12.01


In this paper we investigate the motion response of a moored ship in the fluid region sheltered by inclined breakwaters. The matched asymptotic expansion technique is employed to analyze the wave fields scattered by the inclined breakwaters. Fluid domain is subdivided into the ocean, entrance and sheltered regions. Unknown coefficients contained in each region can be determined by matching at the intermediate zone between two neighboring regions. The wave field generated by the ship motion can be analyzed in terms of Green's function method. To obtain the velocity jump across the ship associated with the symmetric motion modes, the sheltered region is further divided into near field of the ship and the rest field. The image method is introduced to consider the effect of the pier near the ship. The integral equation for the velocity jump is derived by the flux matching between the inner region and the outer region of a moored ship. Throughout the numerical calculation it is found that the inclined angle width of entrance of breakwaters as well as the location of moored vessel play an important role in the motion response of a moored ship.