On the Study of the Mass Transport near the Entrance of Inclined Breakwaters due to Viscosity

점성 효과에 의한 경사진 방파제 입구에서의 토사 이동에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1992.12.01


Herein we investigate the mass transport velocity caused by the viscosity near the ocean structure such as circular pile and inclined breakwaters. The mass transport velocity which is represented by the sum of the Eulerian velocity and the stokes drift were derived by Carter, Liu and Mei(1973). The tangential components of the inviscid velocity field at the bottom needed in the calculation of the mass transport velocity is obtained by solving the scattering problem due to breakwaters. The matched asymptotic expansion technique is employed to obtain the inviscid flow fields scattered by inclined breakwaters. The numerical results show that heary sediments tends to be deposited near the center of breakwaters and that the narrowing of the entrance width results in reduction of the magnitude of mass transport.