Immunocytochemical Localization Qf raf Protein Kinase in Cerebrum of Geoclemys reevesii (Gray)

남생이(Geoclemys reevesii) 대뇌에 있어서 raf Protein Kinase의 면역세포화학적 분포

  • Published : 1990.04.01


Raf protein kinases and protein kinase C belong to serine/threonine-specific proteins in the cytoplasin, and are similar to each other in functional structure and the aspect of the distribution of celI. The distribution of raf protein kinase in the cerebrum of Geoclemys reevesfi as studied by using the antibodies against a-raf and c-raf protein kinase which induce the expression of raf fainily oncogenes. In general, raf protein kinases were distributed in such restricted regions as the general pallium, hippocampal formation, pdmordiuin hippocampi,nucleus of lateral olfactory tract, basal amygdaloid nucleus, and bed of stria terminalis. Immunological labeling of c-raf protein kinase was more widespread than that of a-raf. However, the intensity of the labeling of c-raf was lower than that of a-raf. The spherical cells of basal amygdaloid nucleus is a ring-like form, because only the cytoplasm was imunolabeled. Especially, c-raf protein kinase occurred in the cells which contained protein kinase C abundandy such as pyramidal cells and Purkinje cells. This suggests that a- and e-raf protein kinases may synegistically induce carclnoma with myc gene which is activated by protein kinase C.

Raf protein kinases and protein kinase C는 세포질내 serine/threonine-specific protein에 속한다. 그리고 기능적인 구조와 세포내의 분포 양상은 서로 비슷하다. Raf family oncogene를 발현시키는 a-raf와 c-raf protein kinase에 대한 antibodies로써 남생이 대뇌의 raf protein kinase의 분포를 조사하였다. 일반적으로 raf protein kinase는 제한된 지역에서 즉,general pallium,hippocampal formation, pdmordiuin hippocampi,nucleus of lateral olfactory tract, basal amygdaloid nucleus와bed of stria terminalis에 나타났으며, c-raf protein kinase의 면역학적 labeling은 a-raf보다 그 범위가 넓었다. 그렇지만 labeling되는 intensity는 오히려 a-raf보다 낮았다. 그런데 a-raf에서 가장 명확한 좋은 예는 basal amygdaloid nucleus내의 구형모양의 세포인데, 이 세포는 세포질이 매우 강하게 labeling되어 지므로 ring모양과 같이 나타났다. 특히 c-raf는 protein kinase C 가 많이 나타나는 pyramidal 세포나 Purkinje세포에 많이 존재하는 것을 볼 때 protein kinase에 의하여 활성화되는 myc와 서로 상협작용을 유도한다고 제안하는 바이다.