X-ray micro-imaging of the arsenic absorption of sap flow in xylem vessels of a fern brake

X-ray 영상기법을 이용한 비소 흡수가 고사리 내부 수액 거동에 미치는 영향 연구

  • Published : 2006.12.01


The global environment is deteriorating at an alarming rate despite of enhanced international environmental regulation. Many studies have been performed to reduce pollutants. Recently, phytoremediation, plant-based technology for the removal of toxic contaminants from soil, water, and air, has been receiving large attention. Arsenic-contaminated soil is one of the major pollutant sources fur drinking water. The fern brake (Pteris erotica) has been reported as a hyper-accumulate arsenic from soils. In this study, we investigated the arsenic absorption effect on sap flow inside xylem vessels of a fern brake. The synchrotron X-ray micro-imaging technique was employed to monitor flow inside the plant non-invasively. The captured phase-contrast X-ray images show both anatomy and transport of water inside the fern brake. The refilling process of water containing arsenic inside the xylem vessels of fern brake's leaves and stems was clearly observed. These results would provide important information needed fur understanding the mechanisms of accumulation, translocation, and transformation of toxic materials in plants.