A Study on Filcker Evaluation Considering Power Quality Disturbance of Power System

전력계통의 전력품질 외란을 고려한 플리커 평가에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2005.05.13


This paper studies flicker evaluation considering power quality disturbance. A flicker problem with light device irritates human's eyes. Also, the flicker problem has an influence on adverse effect such as rolling device and rotating device. However, a study of flicker evaluation is not complete. A flicker is measured and evaluated at monitoring point. But we consider power quality disturbances such as voltage sag and transient that cause fault and inverter/breaker switching. Power quality disturbances affects flicker evaluation. A flicker evaluation index increases. Therefore, we consider power quality disturbances. We detect voltage sag and transient using wavelet and evaluate flicker without flicker index including power quality disturbances.